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Why we started our halal baby food brand

Our journey began some time ago, when we started looking far afield for our recipes. We wanted our recipes to have an authentic taste but be nutritionally suitable for infants who are starting solids (particularly meat) for the first time.

We travelled far; to North Africa, Western and Southern Asia and to The Middle East. We short-listed hundreds of recipes down to a few, brought them home and developed them with the aid of our expert baby food chef, into a range of exotic recipes that would bring variety and health benefits to babies’ diets. It took some time...

After numerous trips from our kitchen, to taste testing with families in nurseries and back again, parents agreed that our top 10 recipes were good to go! From these beginnings, for aisha was lovingly created as the perfect halal solution for every little boy and girl.

We trust that the taste variety and weaning benefits that for aisha baby food provides will bring your little loved ones health and happiness; helping to raise them for a lifetime of wonderful food adventures.

Our Values

Our baby food is halal and tayyab (meaning pure). We source ethically, only from our partner farms in the UK. Animal welfare standards are paramount. We have full visibility and tracability within our supply chain. We use only natural ingredients.

Parents feel guilty about buying prepared baby food so we offer recipes that parents wouldn’t normally cook themselves. Our dishes are designed to be unique from all other baby foods, pioneering the introduction of new world-cuisine tastes for babies.

We use a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, pulses, herbs and spices that offer health and weaning benefits for babies. Our recipes are endorsed by a registered dietitian. We advise parents on when and why it is beneficiary to introduce these beneficial ingredients into their babies’ diets.

for aisha is made for all children and we respect all faiths. We recognise that there is a real need for quality halal food for children.

Our Mission

At for aisha we strive to serve the highest quality halal dishes to your little ones. We know that mums and dads are busy so we develop complex recipes that parents wouldn’t normally cook themselves.

Our recipes must offer a wide range of healthy ingredients, with absolutely no nasties.

Meet the Team

Find out a little more about the faces behind our yummy baby food range!

Nargisse Berkanou

Introducing our new Stage 3 baby food chef

Born in Brussels, Nargisse was introduced to good food from a very young age by her Moroccan parents; both incredible cooks in their own right who encouraged Nargisse and her brothers to join them in the kitchen at every opportunity, helping with preparation and enjoying the results. Many of her formative memories are centred around food – from festivals to weddings to the daily multi course feasts her parents would make. Extensive travel around Morocco with her parents exposed her to the incredible breadth of Moroccan regional cuisine, it seemed her career in food was set in stone.

Nargisse initially followed an academic route, but while she was studying politics at university, she set up popular supper clubs showcasing her authentic Morrocan cuisine with a twist. After completing her degree, she joined JP Morgan, but Nargisse’s enthusiasm for working with food continued, so she completed a course at Leiths School of Food. This pivotal moment in her career encouraged her to leave her political ambitions and become a recipe developer and a blogger. Now with 20K followers on facebook, Nargisse has come to the attention of well-known brands such as Minawho commission her to create inspirational menus and stunning food photography.

Drawing on her Moroccan cuisine of her upbringing and international influences through her travel, Nargisse creates eclectic recipes that are a blend of old and new. She combines the traditional cooking methods and spices from Morocco with modern techniques and ingredients from around the world. After the recent birth of her baby, Nargisse is now ensuring her daughter’s taste buds become as adventurous as hers by exposing her to a mixture of ingredients, flavours and techniques from both East and West.

See more of Nargisse's fantastic recipes online at her website, My Moroccan Food.

Mark Salter

Founder of for aisha and baby food recipe developer

Mark is the founder of ‘for aisha’ baby food pioneering exotic tastes for little ones.

Having spent over 20 years working in the UK food and drinks industry, Mark saw that many of the baby food brands were offering the same recipes for little ones. “I wanted to create exciting recipes that would taste fantastic and offer very different attributes to the current offerings of spaghetti Bolognese, fish pies and fruit based smoothies that were available. I love cooking Moroccan and Asian food in particular. I set out to visit other countries, bring home their ingredients and learn their cooking techniques. We’ve certainly achieved that with the ‘for aisha’ range and our new products push these adventurous boundaries even further. It’s great fun to be at the forefront of creating new tastes for our little ones.”

With well over a million meals sold now, ‘for aisha’ receives happy letters from parents most days of the week.

Mark leads the development of the multi-award winning ‘for aisha’ recipes, demonstrates at parent shows and speaks at food events as well as writing a new regular column in a leading parenting lifestyle magazine Absolutely Mama.

Being an outdoor mountain hiking and paddleboard adventurer, Mark eats ‘for aisha’ baby food every day, which is a convenient, delicious and healthy way to eat on the go – even for grown ups!

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