Why we started for aisha

Our journey

Our journey began with a family holiday. We were travelling overseas and noticed many infants eating exciting, healthy ingredients which you don’t typically see in UK baby food. We realised that many infants in the UK were weaned with high sugar and predominantly dairy diets so we set about creating exotic, nutritious meals for our little ones back home.

Now enjoyed by more than two million little tummies, our pioneering baby food recipes use only natural healthy ingredients and cater for a variety of dietary requirements.

Our ingredients

Our food is made for everyone - for babies and infants of all shapes, sizes, genders, races and religions.

Our meals are dietitian approved and cater for a range of different dietary needs, such as: halal and tayyab, vegetarian*, vegan*, dairy-free, nut-free, soya-free, egg-free, gluten-free*. (*some of the product range)

Our ingredients are 100% natural, have no added sugar or salt, and use no artificial additives, preservatives or flavourings.

We know how important it is that you know exactly what your little one is eating, so we’ve put together a detailed booklet about the ingredients we use which you can download here.

We’re so confident that our food tastes great that we encourage parents to try it too - and you can try our recipes at our stand at The Baby Show.

Our Values

We understand that there’s a real need for baby food that caters for a wide range of dietary requirements. Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible, offering products that cater for everything from halal to dairy-free and allergen free diets, helping to make life fun and easy during mealtimes.

We use a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, pulses, herbs and spices that offer health and weaning benefits for babies. Our recipes are endorsed by a registered dietitian and we strive to source ingredients of the highest quality, so that we can guarantee that your little one is getting the best start possible in life.

Obesity is a serious and growing health issue - with around one third of UK children classified as clinically obese by the time they leave primary school.

We aim to reduce reliance on sugar by instead using exotic great tasting ingredients and by blending baby friendly herbs and spices, negating the need for sweet foods during the weaning process.

Our baby food broadens babies’ taste palates, creating healthy eating habits from an early age. Predominantly savoury recipes, our pouches and trays negate the need for sweet tasting food, starting your little one off on a taste adventure and helping them to make healthier food choices in later life.

We source our ingredients as ethically as possible and our supply chain is fully traceable. We share information with customers. Animal welfare standards are extremely important to us and we conform to the RSPCA and UK Government Infant Weaning Guidelines.

Our Mission

At for aisha we strive to serve the highest quality infant meals with exciting recipes crafted specially for little tummies.

As parents ourselves, we know that mums and dads have busy lives, so we’ve developed complex recipes with a wide variety of ingredients, that parents may not have the time to cook easily at home.

Weaning onto a wide range of nutritious ingredients will help to bring little ones a lifetime of wonderful food adventures.

Meet the Team

Find out a little more about the faces behind our yummy baby food range!


Meet our chef

Born in Brussels, Nargisse Benkabbou was introduced to a love of food and cooking from a very young age by her Moroccan parents. Drawing on the Moroccan cuisine of her upbringing and international influences through her own travels, Nargisse creates eclectic recipes that are a blend of old and new. She combines the traditional cooking methods and spices from Morocco with modern techniques and ingredients from around the world.

After the birth of her baby, Nargisse strives to make sure her daughter’s taste buds become as adventurous as her own by weaving together a range of ingredients, flavours and techniques from both the East and West.

See more of Nargisse's fantastic recipes on her website, My Moroccan Food.


Founder of for aisha and baby food recipe developer

Born in the UK, Mark is the founder of for aisha baby food, pioneering exotic tastes for little ones.

Having spent over 20 years working in the food and drinks industry, Mark saw that many of the baby food brands were offering very similar recipes for little ones.

“I wanted to create exciting recipes that would taste fantastic and offer very different attributes to the very limited range of choices that were available.

I love cooking Moroccan and Asian food in particular. I set out to visit other countries, bring home their ingredients and learn their cooking techniques. We’ve certainly achieved that and our new products push these adventurous boundaries even further. It’s great fun to be at the forefront of creating new tastes for our little ones.”

With well over two million meals sold, for aisha regularly receives happy letters from parents.

Mark leads the development of the multi-award winning ‘for aisha’ recipes, demonstrates at parent shows and speaks at food events as well as writing a new regular column in a leading parenting lifestyle magazine Absolutely Mama.

Mark favourite part of the job is creating and tasting new recipes - and, of course, he eats for aisha food for his lunch!

We hope to see you at our next show appearance!

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