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Chicken, Quinoa and Vegetable Stew

Quinoa – the ancient Incas called this ‘the mother of all grains’ and it’s considered by many to be a superfood.

This healthy grain is gluten free and is one of the only foods that provides all 9 essential amino acids – essential for muscle development and repair.

All our for aisha recipes are free from preservatives, artificial additives or flavourings. They also contain only naturally occurring sugars.

Gluten free
Soya free
Nut free environment
Dairy free
No added sugar
Free from preservatives
No artificial additives
Halal product
All natural ingredients


Vegetables 66% (Tomato Puree (15%), Carrots, Broccoli, Onions, Red Pepper (8%), Sweetcorn, Courgette (3%), Eggplant), Water, Halal Chicken (10%), Quinoa (4%), Basil (0.6%), Garlic, Oregano, Nutmeg, Black Pepper.


190g tray meal.