Media mentions – Mumii & Gurgle!

July 17, 2016

Alongside some exciting awards nominations over the past few months, we’ve also managed to garner a growing amount of mainstream press coverage thanks in no small part to the demand created by you, the parents and little ones across the UK.


Mumii – introducing children to new foods

Our friends at Mumii UK have just published a great article on the challenging subject of introducing children to new foods. In the article they offer a range of helpful tips, from selecting the foods to test to how best to introduce them into the child’s eating habits.

You can read the full article over on their website – click here.


Gurgle – Ask the Experts

As part of our ongoing campaign to ban the bland in baby foods and introduce a variety of flavours to little ones, we were on hand to offer some insight into using healthy spices throughout the weaning process.

You can use aromatic spices (those that aren’t hot) and herbs – try a pinch of tumeric, coriander and cumin

Click to view an excerpt of the ‘Ask The Experts’ article here.

You can also read the full article, along with the rest of the value-packed issue in the August edition of Gurgle magazine – on sale now!