Sugar is a big deal for parents

January 23, 2016

Leading online food site The Grocer has just released an Infant Care Category Report 2016 – for aisha halal baby food championed for low sugar content for the new year, which showed ‘babyfoods fortified with functional ingredients and containing so called ‘superfoods’ were increasing their market share of the baby category.

The marketplace has seen a steady shift from the simpler, high sugar foods of the past, to ingredient-rich recipes higher in protein and lower in sugar content. Meanwhile, sales in the juices for babies market are rapidly on the decline, with brands reducing (or removing) their ranges from shelves. We’re thrilled to get recognition from publications and the high street supermarkets for our commitment to low sugar baby food, packed with natural ingredients;

We’re really excited to launch For Aisha for Tesco customers – It’s a great forward-thinking brand giving the opportunity to introduce exciting, differentiated flavours from a young age.A. Glover, Tesco

With The Grocer noting that brands are ‘developing more exotic flavours’, they also highlighted the growing importance of packaging and convenience to new parents, indicative of the rise in convenient, on-the-go consumption. An increasing number of brands are making the switch to the pouch baby food format that all of our own halal recipes are available in;

the most successful babyfood brands have adopted convenient pouch formats instead of the traditional jar…there’s no doubt hassle-free pouches are a hit with shoppersThe Grocer

It’s fantastic to see such growth and potential in the premium baby food market, and seeing parent’s own commitment to health and nutrition for their little ones is the best kind of support we could ask for. Here’s to developing a generation of super-healthy babies together!

You can click here to read the full category report at The Grocer.