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We use only British certified halal meat from our trusted supplier, who are regularly monitored and provide us with certification documents, which we pass to our retailers. We never purchase from farmer’s markets or unknown sources. We also personally inspect the farms and our meat processor to ensure that exceptionally high standards are followed, so we guarantee that our meat is permissable by Islamic Law.

We maintain strict control of our supply chain. Our food is sealed into our 4 layer pouch system when it has been cooked and it never comes into contact with any haram products throughout the manufacturing or supply chain process.

Animal welfare is extremely important to us.

We purchase only from our farming and meat processing partners and we visit them to ensure that our animals are not stressed at any time.

There are always veterenarians and UK Food Standards Agency personnel on hand before and during slaughter. Our supply partners are a leading organisation in the UK food industry.

We have a very experienced team of baby food makers! In fact our food is made by a team who’ve been making leading brands of baby food for many years! They are of course, BRC Grade A certified.

We work with a dietitian who understands weaning and ethnic diets. With the help of our baby food chef, we create fantastic tasting exotic recipes.

Over the past 2 years, we have met with parents and their babies in nursery schools. We adapted our recipes many times to ensure that parents were happy that our flavours were just right for their little ones. We receive wonderful emails from parents and superb reviews from parent bloggers for the quality and taste of our food. We were lucky enough to be shortlisted for 6 major ‘best baby food’ awards in our first year - this was topped off with a win in the Infant category at the prestigous Grocer New Product Awards.

it is great to cook at home and that’s highly recommended. However some families may cook foods that are too strong for babies and some people like to use ingredients in their cooking that may not be suitable for babies, like salt for example.

Our exotic dishes are complex and contain a wide variety of ingredients; purchasing all of these could be expensive and preparing these dishes could be time-consuming.

Our pouches are good on-the-go as they are both lightweight and re-closable.

Great news! Building on the success of our Stage 2 baby food range, we have just released our brand new range of Stage 3 baby food pouches. These four new recipes are chunkier in texture to support the next stage of your little one’s development.

Parents can mix our food with other products, like baby pasta for example to make a larger meal for slightly bigger infants.

We love our food so much, that we adults here at for aisha eat many of our pouches ourselves. We often play with our food - try using them to add a little flavour to chicken and fish dishes!

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