Discover our selection of halal baby foods

Baby Food Pouches

from 7+ months

Especially crafted for tiny tummies, our 7 month+ range of recipes are full of nutritious ingredients. In fact you’ll find at least 20 healthy ingredients in most of our recipes that will broaden your little one’s taste palates, introducing them to a new world of variety.

Please be assured that with well over 1 million of these little pouches already served, your little one will love the range of exotic flavours and mild spices such as turmeric and coriander (no chillies of course).

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Toddler Tray Meals

from 10 months to 3 years

The taste adventure continues with more grown up meals for little ones. As chewing development is important during the weaning process, we’ve made these meals with a more chunky texture, whilst still being suitable for growing developing teeth and delicate palates. You’ll find some new unique and super healthy baby food ingredients here; such as quinoa, fenugreek and also dates.

Now launching as a tray meal, your little adventurer can also begin to play with their food, developing a natural relationship with healthy ingredients so they’ll love adventurous food as they grow.

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