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Why Variety Is So Important

It’s important to ensure that your little one has a varied diet that will help obtain all of the essential vitamins and nutrients that they need for growth and development.

for aisha’s recipes introduce variety, taste, texture and smell. This will help your baby to learn, accept and enjoy new tastes and textures as they grow... So they’ll be less likely to be fussy eaters!

There is no single food that can provide all of the nutrition that your baby needs so it’s important to include a wide variety of different foods that will provide your baby’s diet with a balance of protein, fat, carbohydrate vitamins and minerals and dairy; all of which are all very important to aid growth and development.

Your baby’s stomach is small, making it vitally important that every small spoonful that your baby eats is packed full of the right nutrients and goodness. This is the main reason that babies eat little and often throughout the day. Weaning therefore isn’t just about filling their tummies up. It’s about laying the foundations for healthy, balanced eating for the years ahead.

A baby’s diet is high in fat and low in fibre, unlike an adult’s diet, which is low fat and high fibre. Fibre is important but can be filling and leave the baby too full to eat other foods that contain the nutrients they need.

Colourful fruits and vegetables provide a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that our bodies need to maintain good health and energy levels. Each colour range provides your body with different nutrients, so it is important to eat a rainbow of colours.

It is important to include a variety in the diet, especially in the first year, which is when food preferences are being formed. From the age of 2 years onwards, food preferences become relatively fixed up until the age of 8 years. Therefore it is important that you ensure your child has tried meat, fish, poultry, starchy foods and wide variety of fruit and vegetables.

About Weaning

During the first year a baby grows more rapidly than any other time in their life. This means that your baby’s energy and nutritional intake must be increased to assist their development. Everything about a child’s nutrition has a direct affect on every function of their body and helps to prevent diseases in adulthood.

As babies get older they require certain types of nutrition to help with their growth and development. Weaning is an introduction of solid foods into your baby’s diet over a period of time. The aim of weaning is to introduce your baby to the sensation of food in the mouth that is not free-flowing and requires a different mouth action, which comes from a spoon or from using fingers.


The different textures offered during weaning, enable gnawing, gumming, biting and chewing to help develop the muscles needed for speech development. It is also important to introduce foods around 6 months as your baby’s stores of some nutrients, such as iron, start to run out.

Children’s diets require enough iron, calcium and vitamin D to strengthen bones, as well as zinc and magnesium to support the immune system. All of these nutritional requirements can be met through a diet that is high in fruits, vegetables, grains and meat.

The Department of Health recommends exclusive breast-feeding until 6 months (26 weeks) of age. Weaning onto solid foods should ideally start from that time. This gives a baby’s digestive system time to develop so that they cope fully with solid foods.

Home Cooking

Parents know that “home made is best” however in today’s society and fast paced world we live in it is not always possible.

The for aisha range helps to save time in cooking and preparation without compromising on authentic quality.

Mums and dads often have the satisfaction of knowing exactly what has gone into the meal they have so lovingly prepared. However it can often be a time consuming process which can become frustrating when your little one rejects the meal.

A baby’s meals are often made separately to the family’s meal to reduce salt and spice levels. However at for aisha we know that introducing herbs and spices at an early age can help to develop their tastebuds and make conventional baby food far more exciting.

At for aisha our baby food has been developed and designed to help introduce variety into your baby’s diet and also takes into consideration the importance of a halal diet.

This range will introduce little ones to well known and loved traditional adult recipes in the right texture and flavour for babies so they too can begin to experience the great food that we as adults love and enjoy without compromising on nutrition.

Our baby food pouches come in a range of six nutritionally balanced Stage 2 recipes, and four Stage 3 recipes that will introduce your little one to chicken and lamb and help them to explore new flavours, tastes and textures.

The range offers a wide variety of ingredients crafted into tasty recipes to help you broaden your little one’s palate and introduce them to new tastes. Which also helps to take some pressure off on those busy days where you might not have had the time to make something.

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