Our baby food product range - new Stage 3 recipes added!

Stage 2 Baby Food

7+ months

Moving on from smooth purées to thicker food textures in stage 2 of weaning means your baby will need to learn to chew. This is good preparation for eating bigger chunks, like finger foods, when their hand–eye coordination will allow them to feed themselves, and is also important for speech development. Iron-rich recipes for your 7-month-old can help support their cognitive development at this stage.

Stage 3 Baby Food

10+ months

Stage 3 baby food is all about continuing to explore new flavour combinations and textures, while at the same time refining eating techniques. Finger foods continue to feature, and you can start moving onto ones with a harder texture.

Our Stage 3 range also comes in lighter weight packaging that is extra-friendly to the environment - less packaging, more food.

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