Tips and Traditions for Baby’s First Christmas

December 21, 2016

Tips and Traditions for Baby’s First Christmas


Choose a Gorgeous Stocking
This is the stocking you’ll pull out year after year, so get something you really love. If your stockings hold their fair share of the gift booty, look for something roomy. If you only use stockings for little trinkets, go with something smaller.


We love the winter feel of these stockings – holiday celebrations don’t have to be in red and gold

Make Travel Painless
If your family’s far away, the holidays might include baby’s first plane ride. Don’t weigh yourself down by overpacking; remember you can buy at your destination, and you’ll most likely be able to do laundry wherever you are staying. However, do pack about one nappy and one pouch for every hour of travel (you do not want to run out at 30,000 feet) and include plenty of wipes. Our Stage2 meals are perfect for travelling with. Every pouch has our easy re- closable mess free top (perfect for keeping in your bag) and our award winning meals can be enjoyed up to two days after being started (But we know your little one will eat the whole lot in one go) stage-2-pouches

Create a Photo Op

You may not realize it, but your babe’s at an ideal age to get some great snaps. They can’t run out of the frame, and although it might be hard to get them into it, your little one can’t pull off that sweet holiday outfit you bought. Shoot when you get as much natural light as possible, and use your tree or stocking-filled mantel as a background. Be sure to take a lot of photos to get just the right shot. Please share all your holiday pictures with us


Happy Holidays

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